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Welcome to Trevallyn Primary School

At Trevallyn Primary School………

We Think
We Care
We Achieve

Our vision is to be a vibrant and respectful school community that promotes excellence and creativity whilst embracing sustainability and innovation.

We value:

  • Learning – We are engaged in positive, productive and supported learning experience and encouraged towards lifelong learning. The Trevallyn Primary School Quality Teaching Framework is the foundation for exemplary teaching and learning.
  • Excellence: We create challenging learning environments, which support high expectations for learners and the opportunity for individual excellence.
  • Equity – We all have the right to challenging and engaging learning opportunities in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Respect – We encourage positive and effective interactions, with each other and the environment, conducted on the basis of responsibility, integrity and accountability.
  • Relationships – We value individuality, difference and positive relationships built through social and emotional learning.

In 2016 Trevallyn Primary School was one hundred years old.

Trevallyn Primary School currently has an enrolment of close to 500 students, organised into 20 classes. There are two kindergarten groups. Our 20 classes are predominately straight grade groupings, apart from P-1, 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 class groupings. Launching into Learning groups operate for birth-4 ages. Class size began around 23-24, but many have increased due to ongoing enrolments throughout the year.

In the last eight years there has been a general increase of 4-6% of the student cohort per year, resulting in over capacity student numbers for the number of classrooms available. In 2017, two new classrooms are being built in the bush area. The bush area where the new classes will be built is a distinctive feature and major asset of Trevallyn Primary School. It is greatly valued by students, teachers and the school community as a natural play and learning environment. It is one of very few natural playgrounds in Tasmania.

The school continually seeks to preserve and enhance the bushland in a natural and healthy state. A nearby reserve, encompassing the Cataract Gorge Reserve, add to the natural context of the school. Local native plants in the school grounds provide habitat for native wildlife. The school bush area can significantly enhance the size and viability of wildlife population in our wider landscape. Sustainability and good environmental practices feature prominently in both the philosophy and operation of Trevallyn Primary School.

Trevallyn Primary School is in a cluster with West Launceston Primary School, Riverside Primary School and Riverside High School. The collaborative work focuses on moderation, transition to Riverside High School and an upper primary creative writing extension program.

The vast majority of students transition from Grade 6 to 7 at Riverside High School.

Quality before and after school and holiday care is available to parents/guardians, provided by Abacus Child Care Centre.

The School Association, parent body and local community in general provide outstanding support and commitment to our school. There is a high level of attendance and support for events and activities. The diverse range of successful and high quality fundraisers and funding of school programs and services, along with the advocacy for our school continues to make our school a very special place. The contribution of a countless number of volunteers enrich the learning opportunities of students.

Our current school improvement priorities are:

  • Quality Teaching,
  • Literacy and Numeracy,
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing and
  • Inquiry Based Learning.